Boring Tool - Application and Operation

Boring Bar Nomenclature

Boring Bar Nomenclature ANSI

Boring Bar Nomenclature ISO

Boring Bar ISO Nomenclature Explained

Tooling Geometries Part 1

Radial & Axial Rake Angles


Boring Clearance

Boring Bar Selection



Boring Bar

Effect of Chatter

Largest Diameter – Shortest Length

Boring Bar Design

Coolant – Through or Not?

Tooling Geometries Part 2

Effect of Minimum Lead Angle

Lead Angle Selection Criterion

Insert Nose Radius

Chip Clearance

Selecting a Machine

Method of Holding

Key Elements of Application

Application Hints

Inspect the Pocket

Inspect the Clamping

Lock pin / Screw Inspection

Chip Control Options

To Reduce Tool Pressure

Application Hints


Soft & Gummy Material

Work Hardening Materials

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