Solid Carbide End Milling - Application and Operation


End Mill Geometry

Length vs. Diameter

Lead-impact on application and performance

Rake-impact on application and performance

Helix-impact on application and performance

Cutting Forces

Flutes and Advanced Features

Corner Radius vs. Chamfers

Variable pitch

Core Diameter vs. Length of cut

Fundamentals of Application and Operation

Climb vs. Conventional Milling

Angle of Entry vs. Edge Strength

Width of cut vs. Chip Thickness

Depth of Cut, Radial vs. Axial

Roughing End Mills

Design and performance

Rougher’s vs. Semi-Finishers

Surface finish implications




Helical Interpolation

Thread Milling

Profile Milling

High Feed Milling

Trochoidal Milling

Troubleshooting and Wear

Built up Edge

Flank Wear

Spindle Mounting and Rigidity

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