Tool Holding Systems

Importance of Tool Holding Systems

Comparison of Spindle Connections

Steep Taper Connections

Steep Taper Options

Steep Taper Usage

Steep Taper Variations

HSK Connections

HSK DIN Specifications

HSK Styles

KM Tooling

KM ISO 26622

KM Clamping

PSC – Polygonal Shaped Contour ISO 2663

Typical Fits

Next Generation Spindled Connections KM4MAX

Load-Deflection and Bending Load Charts

Summary Comparison

Types of Tool Holders

Shell Mill Holders

Collet Chucks

Shrink Fit

Hydraulic Systems

Tunable Tooling


MQL Adapters

Run-out Compensation Adapters

Care and Maintenance

Importance of Balance

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