Turning Tools - Application and Operation

Global Identification Systems

Insert Nomenclature


Insert Shape

Work Piece Configuration

Insert Clearance

Tolerance Class

Type of Insert

Insert Size


Nose Radius

Tool Holder Nomenclature

Catalogue Numbering System - ANSI

Catalogue Numbering System - ISO

Holding Methods

Lead Angle

Clearance Angle

Hand of Tool

Shank Size ISO & ANSI

Inscribe Circle Size

Holder Length ISO & ANSI

Tooling Geometries Part 1

Tool Holder: Description

Cutting Forces

Lead Angle and Radial Force

Feed and Radial Forces

Lead Angles Effect on Chip Thickness

Positive Lead Angle Tools

Lead Angle Summary

Rake Angles – Back and Side Rake

Positive, Negative & Neutral Rakes

Rake Angles and Cutting Forces

Cutting Angles and Workpiece Materials

Tooling Geometries Part 2

Nose Radius and Cutting Force

Relationship between Nose Radius,
Feed Rate and Surface Finish

Wiper Inserts

Fundamentals of Insert Edge Prep

Types of Hones


Edge Prep Application

Edge Preps for Different Types of Coating

Edge Wear and Impact Resistance

Edge Prep Summary


Chip Breaking Theory

Chip Types

Chip Chart

Chip Groove

Geometry Naming – System

Effective Rake

Insert Identification

Chipbreakers @ Work..

Geometries, -CT, -FW, - SL, -SR, -MW, -RH, -UR, -UM, -MR

The Optimal Combination

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